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The origin of Artka® dates from the early summer of 2005, Aka wanted to make herself some special skirts and dress for an exhibition which could flaunt her amateurish design talent in fashion design field. This triggered the sprouting of Artka®. For the past 8 years, Artka® has always been adopting a multi vintage approach in design, including retro, pastoral, nostalgic, dignified, carmen, Gypsy, Persian, Nordic, Mermaid...etc, whatever, always bearing both idealism and realism for a balance.

 Focusing on perfecting all the details, if it is gold, it will glitter. No matter what the main stream is, we will never yield to realistic benefits. A good design has soul in it. More than a piece of simple dress, It can touch the heart of others and loyal to design and dream

Artka | Milestone

  • 2005.4.28 Artka was created
  • 2010- Top 1 original designer brand ( clothing category ) in
  • 2012 - The hottest new brand in 2012 W/F Shanghai Fashion Week 
  • 2013.11.11 - Artka passed $20 million in sales within 1 days
  • 2013 - Artka passed $90 million in sales during 2013.
  • 2099 - let's create the magic Artka boho chic
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